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"According to UCC Constitution and Bylaws 150-151, vacancies within the Conference are reported to the administrative offices of the denomination. An authorized minister may confer with the Conference concerning a pastoral vacancy. At the request of any UCC Ordained Minister or Ordained Ministerial Partner, the conference shall submit a current and validated profile to the Local Church."

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City Austin 
State TX 
Website 1 trinitychurchofaustin.org 
Church Size 150
Part Time / Full Time FT
Duration Designated-Term
Type of Position Pastor full time
Salary Basis $58,000 - $78,000
Benefits Salary Plus Benefits
Housing No Housing Provided
Ministry Description Because of the loss of our beloved long-term pastor, along with the COVID 19 pandemic, the faith of our members has been tested in the last year and a half. But thirty years ago this year, Trinity became the first reconciling UMC church in Austin, expressing the belief, “No matter who you are, no matter who you love, no matter what you believe or don’t believe, you are welcome at Trinity.” This deeply held & unifying belief has led to Trinity’s mission over the years to address other needs in the community. For many years we fed the homeless under the I-35 Bridge downtown, provided our church as a refuge for comfort and food for men without shelter on cold nights, established a weekly food pantry for those in need & hosted a Parents’ Night Out for neighborhood families. While some of these programs were interrupted by the pandemic, the will of the congregation is to resume or expand them. While we were fortunate to hire an intentional interim pastor who provided much needed guidance, she too was challenged by the pandemic & subsequent inability to have regular face-to-face relationships with her parishioners & left after completing her one year contract. However, the desire to re-engage with one another & with the community continues to be high in spite of these challenges. In the survey we conducted, 66.8 % of the respondents indicated that having an array of spiritual & educational programs for children, youth & adults was of high importance. In addition, 58% indicated that being actively involved in social justice efforts & opportunities in the community was also of high importance. In short, our congregation is seeking a committed leader who can provide the spiritual leadership to inspire us to seek the church community & social justice activities that nourished us in the past while acknowledging the need for flexibility amidst change.
Date Posted 03/17/2023
Who To Contact
Phone: 830-313-5855
Email: office@sccucc.org

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