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"According to UCC Constitution and Bylaws 150-151, vacancies within the Conference are reported to the administrative offices of the denomination. An authorized minister may confer with the Conference concerning a pastoral vacancy. At the request of any UCC Ordained Minister or Ordained Ministerial Partner, the conference shall submit a current and validated profile to the Local Church."

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City Newfane 
State VT 
Website 1 www.newfanechurch.com 
Church Size 68
Part Time / Full Time 3/4 time
Duration Settled
Type of Position Pastor part time
Salary Basis http://vtcucc.org/ministerial-compensation/
Benefits Salary Plus Benefits
Housing Housing Allowance Provided
Ministry Description The Newfane Congregational Church is seeking a Pastor and Teacher to join our family and lead us in our religious life. Newfane is a small town in southeastern Vermont and is nestled in a rural area surrounded by hills, rivers, streams, and other small villages and towns. Our worship service and vision for the future are both current and forward leaning, and empowering. We value transformational worship that helps us center our lives and focus on living together as a faith community, where Christ’s teachings are the basis for sermons and reflective gatherings that focus on our current world and its challenges. Our Church is warm and welcoming with a vibrant music program and, with joy and celebration, is proud to be an Open and Affirming Church. We value each person as a beloved child of God and celebrate the diversity God has created. Newfane Congregational Church is a supportive, close-knit congregation whose members bring many varied talents and capabilities. We tend to be casual and informal in our interpersonal relationships, and we appreciate and support each other’s spiritual and secular needs while respecting each other’s diverse views. While recognizing all of this does not occur by the act of one person, we are committed to being partners in ministry with our new Pastor who will guide us in ways that continue to move Church beyond our boundaries to invite all members of the community to worship and serve in new ways. We desire to welcome new friends, voices and ideas, and are excited to work with our new Pastor in a planned vision of community outreach that will invite all into the fold of our caring and compassionate Church.
Date Posted 03/08/2022
Who To Contact
Title: Ministries Coordinator
Phone: 802-728-4999
Email: vtconmincoor@gmail.com
What to Know
Typical Search Process in our Conference: Local Church Profile sent to candidate before candidate profile sent to Church.

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