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"According to UCC Constitution and Bylaws 150-151, vacancies within the Conference are reported to the administrative offices of the denomination. An authorized minister may confer with the Conference concerning a pastoral vacancy. At the request of any UCC Ordained Minister or Ordained Ministerial Partner, the conference shall submit a current and validated profile to the Local Church."

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City Madison 
State WI 
Website 1 https://orucc.org/ 
Church Size 360
Part Time / Full Time 3/4 time
Duration Settled
Type of Position Associate Pastor – PT
Salary Basis https://bit.ly/2Uv8kO4
Benefits Salary Plus Benefits
Housing Housing Allowance Provided
Ministry Description Two-Thirds Time Position. Our vision statement is Spiritually Alive, Joyfully Inclusive, Committed to Justice, and it guides who we are and where we are going. Our church is a vibrant, joyful and caring community where we come together to grow in the spirit, find renewal for our souls, care for each other, our neighbors, the wider world, and all of creation. We understand that this is an ongoing process of growth into wisdom, and because it is a journey, we will never be able to live completely into what we desire to become. We are a progressive Christian community that seeks to engage in social justice work, especially in our local community. To live out our vision, we need strong leadership from both pastors and members, deep faith that we can thrive during times of transition, openness to change and new ideas, gentle nudging to move forward, recognition of the gifts of our people, and the welcoming of the diversity of ideas, knowledge and experiences we share. We are seeking someone in ministry with whom we can share a vision for a progressive Christian community. This person has an open heart, listens with a non-anxious presence, is a follower of Jesus, and leads and inspires. The person joining us in ministry will share leadership with the congregation and the other pastors, nurture our gifts, both corporate and personal, and help us become our best selves as we serve each other and the larger community, sharing the love of Christ with all. The Associate Pastor for Children, Youth and Families will bring a joy and purpose in nurturing and guiding spiritual growth in our children and youth. Children and youth play an important role in the life of our church, from Sunday School to musical programs to summer mission trips. We seek someone who has the imagination to develop new and engaging programs and projects, building on the foundation already in place.
Date Posted 03/02/2022
Status: Active
Who To Contact
Phone: 608-846-7880
Email: staylor@wcucc.org
What to Know
Association: Southwest
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