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"According to UCC Constitution and Bylaws 150-151, vacancies within the Conference are reported to the administrative offices of the denomination. An authorized minister may confer with the Conference concerning a pastoral vacancy. At the request of any UCC Ordained Minister or Ordained Ministerial Partner, the conference shall submit a current and validated profile to the Local Church."

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City Des Plaines 
State IL 
Website 1 http://www.christchurchuccdesplaines.org 
Church Size
Part Time / Full Time 3/4 time
Duration Settled
Type of Position Pastor full time
Salary Basis $35,660
Benefits Salary Plus Benefits
Housing Housing Allowance Provided
Ministry Description Christ Church is a community of Christians welcoming people of all ages, race, status, sexual orientation, gender and special needs. Seeking and empowering all to grow in their relationship with God, living their faith, making an impact through ethical beliefs and social justice on their spiritual journey in the world. Christ Church originated and was established in 1892 and celebrated its 125th anniversary. Over time the original frame church was replaced due to the expanding population of Des Plaines and it’s desire for continued service to Christ in the community. Over the years, it has endured many changes acquiring growth in the teaching of God’s work and word to the congregation and community while remaining steadfast to their motto “LOOKING FORWARD-PRESS ONWARD”. The longevity of Christ Church can be attributed to past/present leaders and congregation with their commitment, loyalty, and generosity in following in God’s footprints and words. The Christ Church journey continues now into the 20th century welcoming the changes that have evolved in our world both religious and personal. Christ Church lives by faith, love and a voice of hope to the world for good. We continue to support these through our Mission and vision Statements …. Share in God’s teachings through worship, prayer and ministries, treat all with compassion, kindness and help those in need, and continue the work of Jesus Christ. This Mission can accomplish the desired vision of making a lasting difference in our life, in our community and in the world.
Date Posted 10/26/2021
Status: Active
Who To Contact
Name: TBD
Email: terrillmurff@ilucc.org, kathylawes@ilucc.org

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