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"According to UCC Constitution and Bylaws 150-151, vacancies within the Conference are reported to the administrative offices of the denomination. An authorized minister may confer with the Conference concerning a pastoral vacancy. At the request of any UCC Ordained Minister or Ordained Ministerial Partner, the conference shall submit a current and validated profile to the Local Church."

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City Negotiable, within the three conferences 
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Church Size
Part Time / Full Time FT
Duration Settled
Type of Position Conference Staff Associate Conference Minister
Salary Basis $70,000 (salary and housing benefits)
Benefits Salary Plus Benefits
Housing Housing Allowance Provided
Ministry Description We are assembling a dream team of Associate Conference Ministers to join Executive Conference Minister, the Rev. Brigit Stevens, and current/continuing Associate Conference Minister, the Rev. Jonna Jensen, to serve in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ in the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota UCC Conferences. It is an exciting time, at the very beginning of a new partnership, among these three conferences! The conferences have not merged. Our one staff serves all three conferences collectively as the Tri-Conference UCC Ministries staff. We are learning and living into new ways of being the Church! We know that being the Church today requires flexibility and creativity. We know that our past is rich with experiences of faith that surprised us at the time and became ordinary over generations. We know that sacred rituals and faithful practices often remind us of what we’ve done before but also take on new forms and grow in depth and meaning as new generations hold and mold them for themselves. We are called to this particular time and place in the United Church of Christ to experiment, to stretch, to honor, and even to fail, as we faithfully and boldly follow Jesus Christ together. We are in search of 2-3 Associate Conference Ministers to join our team! We will create portfolios of work based upon the needs of the conferences and the skills, gifts, experiences, and passions that our team members possess. Each ACM will have some regionally defined tasks, supporting faith communities and ministers in their assigned region, and each ACM will have particular areas of focus and expertise on the team in order to leverage our collective gifts and skills.
Date Posted 06/21/2018
Status: On-Hold
Who To Contact
Name: Diane Leggett
Title: UCC Conferences Support
Phone: 515-277-6369
Email: diane@ucctcm.org

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